Carbon Dipping Image Gallery

Here we have a selection of images showing different items coated using carbon dipping or hydrographics. The versatility of carbon dipping makes it an ideal finish for 3D objects that would otherwise be difficult to cover.

Whether you are an individual or a company, we can use the carbon dipping process to coat almost any object using a water transfer film pattern of your choice. It is a cost effective method to achieve a superior, bespoke finish which is extremely durable.

New films are added to the range all the time so to keep up with what's happening in the hydrographics world and be sure to follow us on twitter where we'll post all the latest news.

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Image Gallery

red carbon console gallery red zebra trim snakeskin trim vw cover gallery carbon wiper carbon mirror

Snakeskin Wheeltrim

Snakeskin Wheeltrim - This film can be used over any base colour

Guitar Body

Clear Snakeskin film over lime green basecoat - This film can be used with any base colour

BMW Engine Cover

BMW Engine Cover coated in small black carbon over silver base.

Computer Case

Motherboard film over a white base

A small selection of videos from our Youtube channel

We aim to add a new video weekly
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